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Our Team

Adrianne O'Hagan

Financial Advisor

(585) 287-6000

(585) 287-6004

[email protected]

With over 30 years in the investment arena, Adrianne provides you with support, guidance and experience to help you achieve financial security and independence. Entrusted with clients assets, Adrianne has successfully assisted individuals, small businesses, as well as corporate pension plans, 401ks, 403B and SEP plans reach their desired financial objectives and meet fiduciary responsibilities.

Additionally, Adrianne has been active in many social causes and concerns in the community such as Rape Crisis Center, Elder Abuse/Eldercare and the YWCA. She is also a past board member for Alternatives for Battered Women. Adrianne has supported “Newspapers in Education” and has spearheaded mentoring programs with various area high schools. She is a strong advocate for the arts and has supported Pittsford Musicals for the past 7 years.

Amanda Jacob

Administrative Assistant

(585) 287-6000

(585) 287-6004

Amanda Jacob comes to our investment field with 18 years in customer service and marketing. Those years provided her with the skills and knowledge to address most client concerns or questions and perform most operational procedures. She is also responsible for setting up client meetings and organizing seminars and special events.